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Being an avid horseman and draft horse enthusiast, Nicole has volunteered many hours with her horses, alongside other association members from across the state, providing education about draft horses and their historic and current use.  Whether it's taking Ravalli county  4th graders on a wagon ride during the annual Farm Fair Education Day, working with University of Montana driving club students to hone their driving skills, or providing entertainment to folks who come to watch her and her fellow teamsters compete in local and regional shows like the Deerlodge Draft Horse Expo, Nicole has been an integral part of the state association.  She developed and maintains the association website ( and is also a member of the youth development committee which looks for more ways the club can include and promote draft animals with the youth in our region.


With a high school aged daughter who has been swimming competitively since the age of 6, Nicole and her husband had no choice but to become enthralled in the wonderful life sport of swimming both at the local club level and at the state and regional level. Nicole's husband was our club's president for several years and now he and Nicole, are the treasurers and registration liaisons.  Eric coordinates each of the meets that our club hosts each year while Nicole is the concessions coordinator.  She also manages the team's fundraising gift card program for our approximately 150 families, is parent liaison, and doles out lots of cheers and encouragement on a regular basis.   Both have also volunteered at the regional and national level, Eric as an official and Nicole as a chaperone for Team Montana.                    


In 2008, the communities in the Clark Fork River Valley east of Missoula embarked on a monumental task - raise $160,000 to pay for a playground that the entire community would build.  That vision turned into Cougar Kingdom.  Built on the grounds of the Clinton School, it took 8 months of preparation and 5 full days to build it working from sunrise to sunset under the supervision of our playground consulting firm.  Nicole  volunteered for the daunting task of being the project coordinator and with the help of 7 volunteer committee coordinators, 10 volunteer build captains, and over 10,000 volunteer man hours during the 5 day build, this project not only provided an amazing playground for our kids but pulled our community together like nothing else ever could.