• Pumps and Accessories are BPA and DEHP free

  • The PJ's Comfort and accessories are World Health Organization (WHO) / Baby Friendly code compliant

  • A built in timer allows you to track elapsed pumping time

  • Stylish Nylon Backpacks or Executive Totes carry everything

Current Breast Pumps use the

age old "push/pull" technology to express milk.


  PJ's Breast Pumps are the only pumps that use a patented

  "compression and vacuum" technology in a soft silicone cup. 

  They allow you to start on a "flutter" setting, mimicking what

  your baby does naturally to stimulate your milk let down, and

  then adjust both the cycle time and vacuum setting to most

  closely replicate how your baby suckles. 

  Providing your breast milk for the first year of your baby's life is the greatest gift you can give them and no other pump more closely replicates the comfortable feel of how your baby naturally nurses...


Optional Accessories

  • 12 Volt Car Power Adapter
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Hands Free Pumping Assembly

The Problem with That? ...

  • Comfortable Transport - The PJ's Comfort is only 1-1/2 pounds!
  • Sof-TouchTM collapsible silicone cups are the only soft cups on the market and provide remarkable comfort over hard shell cups

...We are not cows.

At Home or Work, The PJ's Comfort Breast Pump offers Important Advantages: 

  • The Sof-TouchTM single size cups adapt to your nipples as their size changes over time

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Hard plastic cups can be uncomfortable or painful and matching cup sizes to the changing size and shape of your nipples over time can be frustrating.